The remuneration for the services offered by ASBF is agreed at the time the task is assigned; the customer will be informed about the degree of complexity of the task and conceivable expenses; the task will be started by mandate.

The client will be informed of the amount of remuneration in advance by means of a punctual quote, which will indicate all cost items for individual operations, including expenses, charges, and fees.

Asbf will inform the client in detail about all possible implications and charges of the operation, so that the client will be aware of the possible risks and prospects related to the mandate before granting the professional assignment;

ASBF will choose one of the following billing criteria in agreement with the client:

Flat rate consultancy

Under certain conditions, the firm may act as consultants to the client for a flat rate fee (on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis), based on the quantity and complexity of the task itself.

This type of charging is recommended for ongoing consultancy services.

For example:

Founding a limited liability company e.g. share capital 10,000:

= TOTAL €5,000 plus VAT

In an estimated period of ten days, this task will include:

  • Notary fees
  • VAT number application
  • Registration at the Chamber of Commerce
  • Preparing corporate books
  • Tax domiciliation
  • Fee for endorsement of corporate books
  • Annual Chamber of Commerce fee

Annual administrative management of the limited liability company =

TOTAL €7,500 plus VAT

The task will include:

  • Recording VAT flows and periodic settlements (e.g. 100 documents per year)
  • General accounting records
  • Keeping mandatory company and tax books
  • VAT return
  • Income tax return
  • Financial statements
  • Electronic transmission of payment authorisations
  • Submission of financial statements
  • Tax domiciliation

Hourly rate

For tasks that cannot be calculated as a flat rate, ASBF will provide its services on the client’s behalf after drawing up an indicative estimate of the hours that will be required and the difficulty of the task assigned. On the basis of this presumptive analysis and the value of the whole operation, as well as the costs that will be incurred, ASBF will inform the client of the hourly cost of the consultancy assistance, starting from a minimum of €120 per hour.

Contingent fee

In some cases, in agreement with the client, ASBF can calculate the value of the services on a basis (also determined at an hourly rate – retainer fee) to which a variable amount will be added once the operation is completed successfully (success fee). In this way, ASBF shares the success of the operation with the client, thus minimising the costs for the latter in the event that the operation is unsuccessful.