ASBF is structured to ensure that all investigations required in the case of extraordinary transactions are carried out. Compiling accurate due diligence reports ensures the international investor will have a complete overview of the company under negotiation: this is in the interest of both the buyer and the seller. The purpose of the analyses carried out by ASBF during the due diligence phase will mainly be to identify potential risks linked to the transaction and then to plan to overcome these risks through an adequate use of contractual matters and related warranty provisions, or by means of limitations on or assignment of liability.
The firm’s team and its network of partners is equipped for any type of due diligence and is able to dedicate themselves to analysing the financial, legal, organisational, and environmental aspects, as well as aspects related to economic accounting, capital, and real estate. What the customer will get once the compilation process is completed is a detailed report dealing with the content of the business, the synthesis of the problems identified, and the careful examination of the financial, economic, and personnel situation. This activity will enable the client to make a considered judgment of the company under negotiation and will serve as the balanced and transparent tool to make the most advantageous investment decisions.