ASBF offers a wide range of both judicial and extrajudicial legal consultancy services, including in partnership with some of the most prominent law firms. It guarantees specific expertise in national and international corporate law and in assisting with contracts, mergers and acquisitions, as well as in credit recovery. Its work is guided by knowledge of the need to prevent problems from arising; this is done through a careful analysis of the risks and critical issues related to each transaction, facilitating the settlement of each dispute to be dealt with by preparing negotiation techniques.

ASBF knows how to manage and resolve problems that have already arisen by effectively defending the interests of the company in any location – national and European. Its field of ​​legal expertise extends to every aspect of the life cycle of the company – boards of directors, administrative liability of entities, supervisory bodies, assistance with liquidation and bankruptcy proceedings.

ASBF’s mission is not limited to assistance with contracts but also extends to relations with public administrative bodies, helping businesses to deal with any bureaucratic obligation. It handles relations with public authorities – municipalities, provinces, local health authorities, regional environmental protection agencies, Ministries and Regions, Commissions – as well as with trade and professional associations. It also offers it expertise in dealing with public procurement, urban planning and construction, and environmental law, with attention to and knowledge of the legislation in the sector that precisely regulates the matter.