ASBF handles all extraordinary finance transactions, helping the client to identify strategic rationales for the transaction: currency risks and implementation methods, analysing the creation of value from the investment.
It provides assistance in the case of buying a business complex, purchasing controlling interest, mergers by incorporation, and any other event that alters the capital.
ASBF then assists the client in the integration process following the acquisition, and in setting corporate strategies; in this regard, it provides a thorough examination of the synergies that could result from the acquisition, considering the lower costs and increased revenues by drawing up economic and financial business plans.
ASBF knows that extraordinary transactions are successful when they exceed a combination of critical factors that must be identified, analysed, exceeded. In this sense, the professionals at ASBF deal with not only financial issues but also strategic, organisational, and management-related rationales that make every extraordinary transaction a transaction with unique characteristics. From this perspective, any merger or acquisition transaction must be guided by a plan based on the mobilisation of financial and human resources, on the analysis of the product and service portfolios offered by the companies, and on the integration of these portfolios. The plan will implement the evaluation of its impact on the new corporate structure, creating a new dynamic and balanced structure.